Providing Honest, Experienced Electricans for Every Lighting Need

When you call on us for electrical or plumbing services, we strive to provide you great value. We always offer upfront billing, so there are no surprises on your invoice when the work is complete – and so you know we’re fair and honest! Not sure about your budget? We offer FREE on-site estimates!

We’re happy to come to your home or business and provide you with a thorough assessment of your electrical needs and costs. All our workmanship is guaranteed. We wire it right the first time!

Our Electrical Services

Complete Household Wiring

Home electrical can be difficult to understand and even harder (and more dangerous) to try to repair on your own. Let our experienced electricians at Just In Case Plumbing take care of your home electrical needs. Our happy, friendly, and experienced electricians review your home, identify any issues you are experienced, such as power surges, and provide you a quote to upgrade and repair your household electrical.

Service Panel Upgrades and Service

Don’t be left in the dark. Your electrical service panel is the key hub for all electricity throughout your home. If you are experiencing power surges, power outages, or shortages, then it might be important to have your service panel inspected. Our team of experienced electricians at Just In Case can review your panel and provide service panel repairs, upgrades, replacements, and general maintenance service to make sure your home is always powered on.

Smoke, Carbon, and Gas Leak Detectors

In the case of an emergency, seconds matter. Smoke, carbon monoxide, and gas leak detectors are critical for every home, but did you know that an improperly installed detector could put you and your family at risk? Our team at Just In Case Plumbing can inspect your home, review your current detectors, and help install a lithium ion batter smoke detector system, carbon monoxide detectors and gas detectors that improve your home value and protect your most valuable asset.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

Looking to improve the look of your outdoor space so you can enjoy it well into the evening? Need a light added inside your home? Looking to improve the security of your home? Have a broken light that needs repaired? Just In Case Plumbing can solve all of these problems by adding or repairing any of your indoor and outdoor lighting needs. Call one of our electrical experts and our electrician will visit your home and provide you a cost estimate for any of your lighting needs.

HVAC Electrical Service

Did you know that your heating and cooling issues at home may be related to an electrical issue as opposed to a faulty AC or heating unit? If you are concerned your system is not heating or cooling properly, simply call your local, friendly Just In Case technician out and we can review your systems electrical and perform general heating and cooling system maintenance on your system at the same time.

Should you upgrade your service panel?

Do your lights flicker? Does your breaker trip frequently? Do your appliances fail to run at full operation? It may be time to upgrade your service panel – and you have good reason to! Not having an adequate panel can create a fire hazard, and damage your electronics.

When we install your new service panel, we’re also happy to outfit your home or business with surge protection! You invest a lot in your electronics, so save them from electrical surges, and save your wallet.

Our licensed electricians have the expertise in stopping surges, repairing tripped breakers, and can also repair other appliances as well. We also help install lighting on driveways, landscapes, walkways, as well as ceiling fans.

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